About Us

I'm not entirely sure where the impulse came from. That is, to make another social media platform. I suppose it came from a part of me that decided I had enough of the "norm" when it came down to life. So, here we are planning a new site and a new direction in social media. We did not realize at first just what we had gotten into when we started this venture. Nearly a year ago it started with a simple drawing on a notepad in the Johns Hopkins waiting room in Baltimore. I was waiting for my father to come out of surgery and I sat in the waiting room and just watched everyone. It was then that I had this idea, everyone was on thier phones! I mean everyone in the room! I'm sure they were all not on social media but what if they were? I figured I would try a little test.

I went from one person in the room to another, introduced myself, and politely asked if they were using social media and which one. Most responded as you would expect and told me to, "mind my own business!" But, enough of them told me. I calculated that nearly 85% of the people I had talked to were in fact using some type of social media. The other unexpected result was that they were all unhappy with them. Complaints ranged from downright disgust, to issues of use, and other problems. So, I asked several of them, "If there was an alternative to Facebook or Snapchat would you switch?" Almost all of them had the same answer, "YES!" It was that night that Galify.com was born.

I contacted my good friend Andy at baltimoregraphicdesigner.com. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he accepted our invitation to come on board to help us design the next generation of social media. Attention to detail, never satisfied with the "status quo.", He is a bright beacon on our team and will contribute immensely to the success of Galify!

Since that fateful day we have been working diligently to make a new type of social media; a social media for the next generation. I realize we are still in the construction phase and it will take some months to get this product online. I hope all of you will join us when we do and we hope that you and your family have just as much fun here at Galify.com as we do building it for you.

Welcome to our home on the web and we hope you stay awhile.