Press Release 03/11/2019

Galify is a new and innovative form of social media network that puts great emphasis to the privacy of the users. Most leading social network websites like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and Google Plus tend to access the information and media shared by the users for their own marketing and customer research process. However, the features of Galify are sharply contrasting to such practices, making sure that no other third party has any access to the information shared and accessed by the users. Plenty of people yearn to have a social media channel through which they can share their thoughts and ideas without being bothered about the fact that they are watched and monitored by the larger social interest groups and big business firms. For them, Galify is certainly the best choice.

Ever since the launch of Galify, the social media channel has already attracted the attention of numerous users across the globe. The features of this social media platform are easy to use and offer a wide range of benefits. Designed for Android and iOS devices, the Galify app is lightweight and smooth which can work well for all kinds of mobile handsets. Using this new app, people can now chat and interact with their friends any time of the day without bothering about the breach of privacy. They can also play numerous addictive and high octane online games. The app also allows users to purchase or sell different types of items. Galify also works well for people who are looking to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones. Using Galify can make it a lot easier for people to post thoughts and share media as well as exchange information on all the exciting things that have been happening in personal lives and the world in general.

The new social network has got some of the finest security features which make it impossible for external sources to hack into it. This means that using the application ensures complete protection of personal information. In many cases, criminals and illegally operating groups make use of such personal information to demand money or carry out extensive kidnapping and thefts. However, such things are never possible for people who use the Galify social media network. The new and innovative social media networking channel is also better than Yahoo social media apps and can be used by businessmen, friends, housewives and all other types of users.